How to Get More Girls By Visualizing It How to Get More Girls By Visualizing It How to Get More Girls By Visualizing It

How to get more girls
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What I’m going to reveal to you to today, is so UNDERESTIMATED yet so VITAL as a mental practice to supplement into your daily set of habits.

Every millionaire does it. Every A-list celebrity, surgeon, cancer patients, and even pro athletes with a pair of expensive arm or legs do it.

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 Try this.
And now, you can implement the same powerful method to increase your success with getting more girls.

What I’m referencing to… is the… the power of visualizations! Try this.

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 An Ideal World
Every night, before you hit the sack, VISUALIZE yourself as the person you’ve always aspired to be (in the realm of dating), living in your own utopia, in your own IDEAL WORLD.

Here are some starters…
  • Imagine yourself as a socially desirable man: Charismatic characteristics, qualities, values etc.
  • A man liberated from all insecurities and faces no fear or anxiety around women.
  • See yourself mingling with the hottest women under the sun, whilst effortlessly managing playful, deeply persona, to sexual conversations with them.
  • Visualize women giving you FAVORABLE responses, secretly admiring you, and just DESPERATELY CRAVING to lock in some time with you to relish in.

    Assure yourself that you’re a man of HIGH DEMAND, minus the arrogance.

    As you manifest in your mind all these positive events, your UNCONSCIOUS mind will start to believe that THIS IS YOU.

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     How it works…
    Why? Because your mind & body will only behave in FAVOR of what they’re FAMILIAR with.

    … and soon, your ideal world will closely coincide and take place in your near FUTURE.

    Visualizing is your ongoing refuel of energy and faith to conquering your aspirations.

    How it works…

    When you visualize, your muscles experience electrical impulses that correspond to the physical event you are imagining.

    Take Liu Chi Kung, for instance. The guy was a talented pianist imprisoned for 7 years during the Cultural Revolution. When he was released, his audience all agreed that he played better than ever.

    How is that possible when he didn’t practice? He said, “I did practice, every day. I rehearsed every piece I every played, note by note, in my mind.”

    Therefore, the more you visualize your dating goals, the closer you’ll be leading yourself to actually experiencing them; you’ll also set yourself to be more psychologically and physically PREPARED to handle those imagined events.

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     The Final Words
    Even when it comes to dating obstacles or sticking points…
    …. your intuition will rally for support and new ideas. Your mind will naturally reach back into your past for ideas, or whatever resources it can find, to bring forth inspirations that you haven’t previously considered.

    The longer you hold yourself to the conviction that you can attract a girl easily, the MUCH more likely it is that you will.

    Your whole body language will appear MORE relaxed, thus making her feel more comfortable around you, and you’ll find yourself more extraordinarily competent than before.

    Couple this age old method with a THOROUGH understanding behind the psychology of women, along with the fundamentals to what attracts women, and you’ll be ON FIRE.

    Believe me.

    Visualization exercises can REALLY put you in that picture you’ve been LONGING to see yourself in.

    Oxford English definition: “To bring something as a picture before the mind”.

    If you can see it, then it becomes more credible. Therefore, do not ever cast negative doubts upon yourself.

    And of course, mentally rehearse only what you want to happen, not what you don’t want

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